Whynter Portable Fridge/Freezer 45 Quart

Whynter LLC is committed to providing the best electric cooler in the marketplace for your frozen/refrigerated requirements when traveling, camping, in the backyard, and fishing adventures. The model number FM-45G is a favorite and you can use it with a 110/120-Volt outlet, plug into a 12-Volt source such as a vehicle’s cigarette lighter port, or hard wire to the battery via a fuse connection.

Whynter refrigerator
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This unit keeps all of your beverages and food at minus 6-degrees F. to 50-degrees F. It is an authentic freezer/fridge. Do not mistake it for the 12-Volt beverage style “cooler” that is not successful at keeping things as cold as this cooler and freezes as well.

The unit uses a compressor type system rather than ice to keep everything frozen or cold by adjusting the temperature setting from -6 to 50-degrees F. and it will hold 45 quarts or 60 each 12-ounce cans. The ‘fast freeze’ setting cools quickly down to minus 6-degrees if you need to keep food products, such as meat, frozen.

The temperature is displayed with a red LED light. You will also be shown the ‘power low’ indicator on the display. The walls and lid is insulated and 2 wire baskets are included for flat items, or not use at all. It has a durable outer case that is robust and safe. The cooler has 2 handles on each side to move it easily. It will operate if you need to tilt it at a 30-degree angle. The unit is ETL (Electrical Testing Laboratories) certified meaning it has passed a safety inspection for your confidence in buying.

The 2 cords/plugs (8-foot A/C, 5-foot D/C) included voltage/power is A/C 115-Volts/50/60Hz, 65-Watts at 0.75-Amps or D/C 12-Volt/24-Volt, 4.5-Amps/2.5-Amps Car Lighter Socket at 65-Watts.

The inside dimensions are 18.5-inches wide x 11-inches long x 15-inches tall including a compressor step with 7.5-inches widex 11.25-inches long x 8-inches tall.

The outside dimensions are 23.5-inches widex 16.5-inches long x 20.5-inches tall. The package dimensions are 26-inches wide x 20-inches long x 23-inches tall. The net weight is 45 pounds and the gross weight is 49 pounds.

The Whynter refrigerator/freezer combination comes with a User’s Manual and a 1-year Warranty.

Whynter refrigerator


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