Top 10 Best Camping Tent Reviews for 2020

Camping Overview

best camping tentsExplore the great outdoors in style with the best camping tents evaluated here. Go to the mountains, beaches, or even your own backyard or deck and sleep comfortably and dry with any tent shown here. Pack up the kids, coolers, and food and take off to your favorite place under the stars with sweet smelling fresh air.
camping tentNear a stream or lake, tenting is an experience only appreciated by nature lovers everywhere. Camp anywhere even at a tent camping site where you will have showers and restrooms close by if this is your camping idea.

carbon monoxide warningCarbon Monoxide (CO) kills! Never put a barbecue grill in your tent and use it. Native Americans had fires in their lodges (tipi) but they also had vents sucking the smoke out the top! Tents are not configured to do that. The fumes have no odor and you cannot see it. Smoldering charcoal may be mostly out, but they still emit carbon monoxide even with your tent windows and doors open to include the porch awning. Keep the barbeque gear outside in the fresh air always. Use the same care with propane grills.

The best backpacking tents will follow you up the trails and hills being lightweight and rectangular easy to maneuver. They come wrapped in their own bags with handles to adjust to your climbing gear on your back. Some tents are heavy enough that you might want a 4-wheeler or pack horse when doing serious backpacking or hiking with family or friends.

Summary of 10 Camping Tent Reviews

No.IconProduct NameCapacityEditor's Rating

Best Camping Tent

NTK Arizona GT Tent9- to 10-PersonRead Review

Instant Cabin Tent

CORE Instant Cabin Tent 9-PersonRead Review

Columbia Tent

Columbia® Sportswear Fall River Instant Dome Tent10-Person Read Review

Ozark Trail Tent

Ozark Trail® Base Camp Cabin Tent14-PersonRead Review

Winterial Camping Tent

Winterial Camping and Backpacking Tent3-PersonRead Review

Kelty tent

Kelty® Yellowstone 4 Camping Tent4-PersonRead Review

ALPS Mountaineering Tent

ALPS Mountaineering® Meramac4-PersonRead Review

Coleman Sundome Tent

Coleman® Sundome® Dome Tent4-PersonRead Review

Ohuhu Tent

Ohuhu® Tent with Carry Bag3-PersonRead Review

Wenzel Tent

Wenzel® Pine Ridge Tent5-PersonRead Review

Top 10 Best Camping Tent Reviews

1. NTK Arizona GT 9- to 10-Person Tent

Best Camping Tent
Editor's Rating

The NTK Arizona 9/10 tent is part of the Brazilian company’s GT (Gran Turismo) line of tents constructed of improved materials with more features for your wonderful camping experience. It is 17.4 by 8-feet of 100% waterproof 98.4-inches (2500 mm thick) water capacity for the floor. The enhancements are an extra thin-holed polyester mesh used in mosquito netting for keeping smaller bugs out of your bed and extra-large Nano fiber frames for more strength and springiness making it more supple when installing. The pockets and gear loops inside will help you stay more organized with your small things.

The best tent Season 3 will accommodate 10 people with 2 doors and windows. The windows close from the outside only. The flooring is a seamless heavy-duty strong soldier polyethylene for no water leaks. A 6-foot plus person can stand up straight inside with its center height of 6.7-feet. The window mesh covering will unzip and fold back for what you need. It stays dry inside when it’s raining or there are high winds. The tent breathes and has great ventilation for the outside temperature. It is a dark teal color with a domed top and the poles are made of fiberglass for strength.

setup tenttent lightThe ferrules and metal parts are gold-plated for rust resistance. Ferrules are rings or caps of metal to put around shafts. It also has a detachable room divider. It comes with a light and has side vents.

Put a tarp under the tent to keep it from getting torn by small rocks and twigs. You can put 3 queen-sized mattresses inside when arranged carefully.

Camping lampThe dimensions are 80.7-inches high x 96.45-inches wide x 208.6-inches deep and it weighs 26.45 pounds. The floor is 17.4- x 8-feet.

It meets CPAI-84 flammability requirements. Read more about it here.

Gift-wrapping is available for those you love. You will receive a User’s Manual with set up instructions and a 6-months Manufacturer’s Warranty. The instructions are sewn into the bag and the English language is the last sentence for each paragraph sentence. It comes with a heavy-duty carrying bag with compression straps and an identification label.

How to set up tent video here.

2. CORE 9-Person Instant Cabin Tent

Best Camping Tents
Editor's Rating

The CORE tent instantly becomes a 14- x 9-foot cabin style in only 60 seconds sleeping 9 people! The poles are steel pre-attached to the tent so just unpack, unfold, and extend. The item model number 40008 is a top seller on® and no wonder with all of its cool features in its green and gray colors.

The best family tent has a center height of 78-inches for a 6.5-foot tall person. It will hold 2 queen-sized air mattresses and has room dividers making this a 2-room place for privacy. The ground vent is adjustable to your needs as well. The mesh storage pouches keep small things organized and handy always. You will receive in the box the rainfly, tent stakes, and carrying bag. It has an extension cord port access that is fully closable to keep the rain out between the D-Door and the big T-doors. The T-door unzips down the middle and the tent comes with 6 stakes.

The rain will bead up and flow off the fabric like water on a duck’s back. The vent takes air in and the mesh lets warm air escape. The doors, windows, and panel divider are zippered and the large double door offers easier access going in and out. There are loops on the ceiling for the room divider for attaching a lantern or flashlight. It does not have a tub floor. It’s a good idea to put a tarp under the tent.

backpacking tentsThe dimensions are 14- x 9-feet and it weighs 35 pounds. When packed, it is 10.6-inches x 10.6-inches x 48.4-inches.

California residents read here.

Gift-wrapping is available for those you love. You will receive a User’s Manual with set up instructions and a 1-year Limited Warranty. The tent was designed in Kansas, USA, and made in China.

3. Columbia® Sportswear Fall River Instant Dome Tent, Sleeps 10

Columbia Camping Tents
Editor's Rating

The Columbia® Sportswear in Portland, Oregon, has been making gear so that Pacific North Western folks and others can enjoy the outdoors for more than 70 years. The German immigrant family started the company and with their talent and resources continue today. You can enjoy their outdoors wear and their fantastic tents available on® for under $350, quite a deal for sleeping 10 people, not counting the dog who will fit too. The product is a top seller for many good reasons.

The compass blue color will match the daytime sky and blend well into the starry skies when sleeping by the campfire. This is one of the best tents for camping in the woods or along the water. Put it up in your backyard for your kids and their friends in summer or winter for delighting them too.

Columbia® is as good as Coleman® if not better for quality and durability. A four-season tent means it’s good for the 4 seasons of spring, summer, fall, and winter.

Columbia Camping Tent

It is made of 150D (denier) polyester, polyurethane (PU) 800 mm (millimeter) thick water repellant (WR) and is flame retardant (FR). The windows are covered and can be opened for 360-degree sights. You can open them for a summer’s breeze or close them when it’s too chilly. For your power needs it has utility ports for easy access and function. For your small and often used items, there are gear pockets to hold it. The tent seams are factory taped meaning for you a minimum of seam sealing (usually only a few spots) preparing the tent for camping. You will receive 6 tent stakes, 6 guy lines, and rain fly cords. The ceiling is mesh for fresh air covered by a rain fly. The D-style door is wide, and the other door is full size. This is an amazing tent! The tarp floor is a bit thin, so don’t put this on stones. You might want to add a hard material under it or an old tarp. You will have many anchor rings for attaching things such as a ceiling light.

Some of the ventilation does not zip closed, so it wouldn’t be recommended to camp in it at 20-degree weather. And do not burn fuel inside a tent! The carbon dioxide will kill you.

Columbia Camping Tent

The center height is 84-inches (7-feet) for the tall people. It will sleep 10 and hold supplies.

The dimensions are 15- x 10- x 7-feet and the carrying weight is 38-pounds.

Stored, it’s about 12- x 12- x 4-feet, so make sure you have room in your vehicle with the rest of your gear and passengers. And dog. And coolers. You can fit a couple of queen air mattresses that will limit floor space, so you will need room for them too in your vehicle. It is easy to set up by 1 person in 5-minutes. The bedroom space is about 10-feet wide x 6-feet long.

In the carrying bag the tent is about 48-inches long with a circumference of 43-inches.

With the 2-room 2-door design you will have separation for privacy with the door that zips shut. The coated fabric of patented Omni-Shield protects you from the weather and the environment. The tent will stay dry and clean by not absorbing liquids into the fabric fibers that can cause staining. This coating will have the tent stay dry 3 to 5 times faster than a tent untreated. That helps it to stay lighter even when wet.

Columbia’s® product literature states that their tent designs are tested in rain to 28-inches per hour and wind to 36 miles per hour. You should be safe wherever you camp out and stay dry too with the windows closed unless you like the mist on your face. The tents, however, are not warranted against rain and/or wind but they did put a lot of effort into the tent design. The tent will stand up against these elements if you aren’t in super rainy and windy places. Checkout the weather channel before traveling to your camping spot where you live or plan to go.

You will receive a User’s Manual with instructions for setting up/taking down and a 1-year Limited Warranty registration information. Parts are available for repair for keeping your tent in use. The tent is made in China.

Columbia® Fall River 10-person Instant Tent video.

4. Ozark Trail® Base Camp Cabin Tent, Sleeps 14

Ozark Trail Camping Tents
Editor's Rating

The Ozark Trail® tent is like a cabin or motel out in the wilderness. It is available in two-tone colors of orange with gray and blue with tan for the best camping gear tent around. Get one of each and have a reunion with your school friends. The Ozark manufacturer’s model number is W401, not shown on®.

The 4-room cabin will keep you and your companions warm and snug against inclement weather such as the vile wind and the intolerable rain. The fly seams are taped to keep out rain. The windows have mesh covering them but do have an internal zipper to let you cover them for privacy or from the weather. The material of the tent is water resistant but not water proof.

Ozark Trail Camping Tent

Everyone will have tons of privacy where you can combine the room dividers or close them up. The exclusive center zip room dividers transform into 1, 2, 3, or 4 separate rooms. The 4 rooms have separate doors so you won’t fall over people trying to get out to the bathroom in the middle of the night as you do with a 1-door model. The room dividers can be tied back for a more open floor plan. It does not come with stakes but a wireframe instead and it works. The very center of the tent has a loop to attach a light.

Two people can set the tent up in about 20-minutes. The spacious and well-ventilated units have 12 windows with a mesh roof ceiling for 360-degree views. It has a rain fly to put over it.

Ozark Trail Camping TentThe tent floor is 20- x 20-feet for loads of space that will have room for 5 queen size air mattresses. You can plug in a light, fan, or other electrical appliance with the electrical port towards the bottom of the tent.

There is a specific place to store shoes on a mud mat just like at home where no one can wear their shoes in the house.

The center ceiling height is 78-inches (6.5-feet) and it weighs about 50-pounds. Put a 20- x20-foot tarp under the tent for more protection. Do not use a tent stove; use a Buddy heater or something electrical.

Ozark Trail TentThe walls of the tent have mesh holders for a cell phone, keys, or other items and a ring to hold your soda cans or bottles in place for hands free.

The tent fits into the included suitcase with rolling wheels and handles, zippered pouch, and more handles. See the carrying case in the video below.

You will receive a User’s Manual with instructions for setting up/taking down and 1-year Limited Warranty registration info. Parts are available for repair for keeping your tent in use. The tent is made in Bangladesh.

5. Winterial Camping and Backpacking Tent, Sleeps 3

Winterial Camping Tents
Editor's Rating

The Winterial camping gear and tents will protect and shelter you if you are a backpacker, camper, or hunter weekend warrior. Strenuous activity calls for a good night’s rest to do it all again in the morning. It is lightweight, compact, and easy to set up with 2 aluminum tipped poles. The ceiling is vented with a rainfly to cover it if it rains or becomes cold. That will keep you cozy and warm. This tent is a best seller on® for under $100. That’s a great price for 3 people gathering inside.

Winterial Camping Tent

Set you sleeping bags as shown or create your own way.

The 2 double-layered zipped doors let you and your gear get in and out without a hitch. The doors have mesh screens for good ventilation when it’s warm at night or just to feel the breeze. It will hold a small air mattress.

Your tent, 4 tent stakes, 2 poles, and rainfly all go into the included carrying bag to fit into a car trunk with ease and room. Keep it there all the time for a night away from city lights. The tent is made of heavy-duty durable nylon with a waterproof bottom. It’s always a good idea to take a tarp along to put under it. Take it with you to the beach, fishing hole, mountain hikes, and anywhere you can find adventure to satisfy man’s insatiable curiosity. Teach your kids about all the curiosity things too. The tent has no windows but does have flaps for ventilation with 2 doors. It does not have electrical hook up ports. It’s a basic tent to keep you out of the weather and does it well. Take your sleeping bags and buffalo robes and use it in winter.

Winterial TentThe dimensions are 82-inches long x 64-inches wide x 46-inches tall. The pack dimensions are 23.8-inches x 4.4-inches x 4.1-inches weighing 4.4-pounds. One person can set it up but it goes faster with two. It’s a 3-season tent, unless you like the extreme of winter.

Gift-wrapping is available for your family and friends, the carrying bag comes with the tent, stakes, poles, and rainfly. You will receive a User’s Manual with detailed instructions. Winterial honors a 30-day return policy on any unused resalable items and will refund you for the full purchase price of your returned products if they receive the products within 50 days from the date of purchase and the products are in their original packaging in retail condition. The tent is made in China.

Winterial Tent

Gear Review: Winterial 3-Person, 3-Season Backpacking Tent video.

6. Kelty® Yellowstone 4 Camping Tent, Sleeps 4

Kelty Camping Tents
Editor's Rating

The Kelty® tents of Boulder, Colorado, USA is just the lodging you want for 4 people during the 3 best seasons of the year. Whether in the mountains, on the beach, or in the woods and wilderness, this tent is sure to please. The 1 color off-white and chartreuse is a best-selling unit on® for your fun times. You can’t go wrong sleeping 4 people in a tent that is a little over $100.

Kelty Camping TentEasy to set up, take down, and freestanding, this is one of the best tents for camping. The fully seamed taped construction will keep you dry. Pack up your gear, family, or buddies and head for the hills or stay in your backyard. The continuous pole sleeve for the 2 fiberglass poles, 1 D-style door, and many mesh interior iPad pocket and other pockets for your items will have you and 3 others sleeping well at night.

To make it easy to set up, the free-standing tent has color-coded clip and fly connections. The gearloft loops let you attach a light or other gear you need. It has an awning fly made of 66D (denier) 1200 mm polyester, and the walls are made of 40D polyester no-see-um mesh to keep the bugs out. You might want to take a tarp to put under the floor made of 66D, 1500 mm polyester. There are windows but you’ll have to raise the fly for breeze. You’ll need to buy your footprint separately.

Kelty tent

Put your 4 sleeping bags inside and settle in for the best sleep ever in the great outdoors. The tent is waterproof with no interior condensation. It can be used in the winter by extreme outdoorsy people.

Kelty tent with sleeping bags

The dimensions are 91-inches (7.6-feet) long x 81-inches (6.75-feet) wide x 59-inches (4.9-feet) tall. The floor area is 55-square feet.Kelty tent

The packaged weight is 8-pounds 10-ounces with the packed-up size of 7- x 23-inches.

Gift-wrapping is available for your family and friends, a carrying bag and 32-ounce water bottle is included along with pitching instructions and a User’s Manual. A Limited Warranty comes with the tent. It is made in China.

Kelty® Set Up Instructions video.

7. ALPS Mountaineering® Meramac, Sleeps 4

ALPS Camping Tents
Editor's Rating

The ALPS Mountaineering® Company of Missouri, USA started creating durable high-quality products in 1993 at affordable prices for outdoor gear. The model number 5421639 sells at an affordable price on®. The Meramac series tents are 2-pole designs and free standing. The poles are shock corded fiberglass with aluminum ferrules, the connectors holding the poles together. ALPS Mountaineering® makes its pole ferrules of aluminum rather than steel to be rust proof. The poles are one size larger than typical poles for more strength into the ground attached to the tent. It does not have an electrical port.

The walls of the tents are not coated so that the fabric can breathe under the urethane coated fly. The fly also has a pole in the top with the fly being full-length not the typical 3/4 length like so many others giving you the best weather defense. With the weatherproof fly with a ridge pole you’ll have an awning over each door. The floor and fly seams are factory sealed to better repel rain. It’s best to nonetheless put a water repellant on it. There are 2 doors so you won’t trip over your roommates when you must make a night run to the bathroom. With 2 doors, ventilation is better for you with the windows in the door zippers closing them tight.

This tent will fare well in the rain and 30-degree weather and high winds.

ALPS Mountaineering tent

Zippers are the #8 size that is one size up for durability. The mesh pockets for storing your small items with gear loft are a part of this tent to be better organized. Guy ropes and steel stakes are included. You will have 4 loops lower on the sides inside for hanging gadgets.

You will not have ultraviolet (UV) ray sun damage with the protective coating for the tent that always stays rigid and stretched with the 75D 185T polyester fly with 1500 mm coating, 75D 185T poly taffeta floor with 1500 mm coating. The ‘T’ means thread count per inch. The ‘D’ stands for denier and that is the thickness of the thread, so a 1200 denier thread is twice the diameter of a 600-denier thread for example.

ALPS tentThe dimensions of the Meramac 4 are base size 7.6- x 8.6-feet with a 5-foot center height. Total square-feet are 64; trail weight 10.8 pounds; total weight 12.9; pounds and packed size 7- x 25-inches. The pole diameter is 11 mm.

This is definitely not a backpacking tent but could be carried for short treks. The tent is water resistant to boot. It will hold a queen size air mattress.

Gift-wrapping is available for your family and friends. The tent comes in a long rectangular case with pitching instructions and User’s Manual with an industry-leading Lifetime Guarantee. The tent is made in China.

ALPS Mountaineering Camping Tent

ALPS Mountaineering® Meramac 4-Person Tent Review video.

8. Coleman® Sundome® 4-Person Dome Tent

Coleman Camping Tent
Editor's Rating

The Coleman® Company has been making camping gear and ice chests for decades. The spacious Sundome® 4-person dome tent item number 2000007827-parent is secure and warm should it rain with its weathertec tentWeatherTec system with patented welded floors and inverted seams to keep the rain out. This tent is 33% more water-resistant than a similar regular Coleman® tent. The vent is at the ground level and 2 windows will keep you cool with good air movement. The door canopy and sunshade gives you even more protection with the integrated removable rainfly. There is an electrical port to have power inside the tent with the zippered pass through for an extension cord. The 1000D polyethylene floor is a bathtub style that wraps up the sides to keep wet out. A tarp is a good idea under the tent to keep sharp ground objects from tearing it.

Setting up the navy-blue tent is easy in 10 to 15 minutes putting the fiberglass poles through the sleeves that will not catch, rip, or tear made of the hard-wearing Polyguard fabric. You can put a queen airbed inside and have mesh pockets for storing little items of importance. A loop is at the inside top for putting your flashlight. You will be able to take the tent down and put it back into the stretchy carrying bag it came in. The tent and bag are fire retardant per CPAI-84. All venting is mesh to keep the bugs out. It comes with 6 metal stakes—2 at the door and 4 for the tent. Take a hammer with you to pound the stakes into the ground.

The dimensions are 9-feet x 7-feet with a 4-foot 11-inch center mesh domed apex and weighs 11 pounds. The dimensions of the tent in the bag are 24- x 7- x 7-inches to put on your motor cycle.

Gift-wrapping is available for those you love. You will receive a User’s Manual with set up instructions and a 1-year Limited Warranty. The instructions are permanently sewn inside the carrying bag. The tent is imported.

How to set up tent video here.

9. Ohuhu® 3-Person Tent with Carry Bag

Ohuhu Camping Tents
Editor's Rating

Camping TentThe Ohuhu® tent holds from 1 to 3 people and comes in fun colors of green, orange, and blue. The ultraviolet material is protected from the sun’s UV rays. It is easy and fast to put up and take down using 8 steel pegs and 4 ropes for fixing to the ground securely. It has 2 pockets inside for storing things and having them quickly available. There is a hook on the inside top for hanging a flashlight or light fixture.

The D-shaped doors offer easy access for going in and out and this door provides plenty of fresh air circulation to the inside. The rainfly can be attached or left off and it’s made of polyester. The frame is made of an aluminum alloy and it’s foldable to save time, space, and making it transportable. The waterproof bottom is 210D nylon Oxford polyurethane 1500 to 4000 mm for small to mild rain conditions.
ohuhu tentYou will receive a 30- x 6-inch carrying bag with handles. There is no mesh screen for covering the door but the windows are mesh screened. A queen-sized air bed will not fit inside this tent. Be sure to use a tarp under the bottom for water proofing.

Best Camping TentYou can use the rainfly separately from the tent. Kids would love this to horse around in!

The domed top tent’s dimensions are 96.5- x 57- x 43.3-inches weighing 7.5 pounds.

Gift-wrapping is available for those you love. You will receive a User’s Manual with set up instructions and a 1-year Limited Warranty. The tent is made in China.

10. Wenzel® Pine Ridge 5-Person Tent

Wenzel Camping Tents
Editor's Rating

The Wenzel® 5-person tent is available in red or green and green would fit evergreens well if hiding from animals on a hunt with rifles and bows. The divider panel is removable if you don’t want it. When installed, it offers 2 rooms for privacy.

Wenzel’s® New Lite Reflect system will give you light in the dark so that the indoors is bright at night. Install your flashlight or light of choice in the gear loft aiming it at the reflective panel that’s built in. Check out how the inside appears with and without the panel that reflects light.reflect light tent

The canopy and fly are made of polyester and there are 2 doors and 3 windows. A queen-sized mattress will work and the mattress measures 78-inches long x 60-inches wide with room to spare. The floor is welded polyethylene. The door is a D-style with an inside flap zippered window. The poles are made of fiberglass in various diameters. With the fly ridge pole you will have an awning over the front door and rear windows. The electrical port lets you run an extension cord and the rear window has an inside privacy flap. The roof has mesh vents for keeping bugs and debris out.

The dimensions are 10- x 8-foot floor size with an area of 80-square feet (10×8) and the center height is 58-inches (4.8-feet). The packaged size is 27- x 7- x 7-inches. It weighs 11.9 pounds.

Gift-wrapping is available for those you love. You will receive a User’s Manual with set up instructions and a 1-year Limited Warranty. The tent is made in China.

How to set up tent video here from the manufacturer.


  • Select a tent for size, weight, and functionality including weather proofing.
  • Give it a trial run and put it up the first time at home.groundhog
  • With kids, you will need a larger tent and some come with room dividers.
  • When car camping, a heavier tent will work.
  • If you are hiking or backpacking, lighter is better.
  • The tents listed here are 3 season. If you want to camp in the winter, buy a 4-season tent for winter time.
  • Choose your location wisely. Don’t put it on a slope. You will want to know where you want the sun to come up and go down. Weather usually comes from the west or northwest, so be aware of that too.
  • Teach the kids about wildlife and to respect it. This picture is a groundhog and they are beautiful.
  • The kids might even see a baby bunny
  • For daytime shelter and coolness, have your tent pitched close to trees.
  • If you want to cookout, be sure the fire doesn’t hit any trees or brush.
  • Become familiar with your surroundings for safety and security.
  • Be sure to take enough food and blankets.
  • Never ever have a barbeque inside your tent!
  • Never eat wild mushrooms unless you know what you’re doing.
  • Keep all food in coolers to keep wildlife from entering your campsite.
  • Watch for poison ivy, oak, and sumac.camping tree
  • Take pictures and leave no trace of your visit.

Final Thoughts

Camping out in the best camping tents is a wonderful adventure! Be safe and stay away from wild critters and be cautious around snakes. Be sure to read customer reviews and get a great Warranty for your tent. Be safe and have lots of fun!


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