Top 10 Best Camping Chair Reviews and Buying Guide for 2020

Camping chairs

The best camping chairs are lightweight usually under three pounds. They are perfect for taking with you in the back country, for a picnic at the park, or a day trip hike in the hills.

You don’t want to buy a cheap fall-apart camping chair for your first sitting. You want to invest in a great permanent or portable chair that fits the body right, is sturdy, and does not move on its own. Whether you want to go to the mountains, boating, down by the lake or leisurely sit on your deck, comfort and style is important to you.

SkilletRV camping and boaters love the greater outdoor adventures. When you are not doing your special activities, you need to sit down and not on a log or rock and enjoy the campfire with your family and friends when the sun goes down with a scrumptious bacon, eggs, and hash browns breakfast when the sun comes up. Take along the perfect skillet and cookware accessible here. Make some s’mores, roast hot dogs and marshmallows and settle in for the night.

1. Not All Camping Chairs are Identical

You want the best camping chair: not too heavy because you will need to carry it and not too light that it will blow away in a gust of winds. The comfort to your bottom is paramount in importance.

2. Features to Consider When Buying a Camping Chair

Camping chair

Everyone has their own idea of the features they want for a chair when camping out in the wilderness, forest, woods, or by their favorite fishing hole.

  • Does It Come with a Carrying Bag?

If you take your camping supplies in a car, truck, or RV will you be able to manage the small things such as utensils, cooking gear, tent, drinks, ice chest cooler, and manage the kids and dog? You don’t want another item that will hamper your moves and weigh you down. A carrying bag can be hung over a shoulder and most chairs provide a carrying bag. It’s usually the drawstring or zippered type that folds very small. The chair usually goes back into the bag with no hassles.

  • Are the Legs Made of Steel Tubing for Durability to Hold Various Weight?

This gives the chair strength and doesn’t hamper its folding abilities. No one wants to sit on a chair where the bottom falls out and their bottom is on the ground, or the legs are so flimsy they bend out of shape.

  • Do You Need a Cup Holder?

This might be a moot point, but who wants to hold a cold drink or hot beverage for the entire time spent in the chair just to put it in the dirt and pebbles. Most chairs with cup holders place them on the arms so you don’t have to bend over to pick up your drink. And, if you are at the beach, you surely don’t want it caving into the sand. Holders are not always the largest but most will support a 24-ounce bottle. Some chair models have a cup holder on each arm and sad to say, some do not.

  • Do You Need a Storage Pouch on The Chair?

Some models of camping chairs include pouches or pockets on the side(s) or on the back.

  • Comfort

Comfort is all about where you are and what you are doing. The factors to think through are the material, measurements, and independent suspension—the supporting frame. Some materials are foam covered with nylon and others are mesh.

  • Stability

Some style chairs need some type of balance to get into and sit in an upright position. Buy a chair that meets your requirements. If you’re on an uneven surface or on sand at the shore, stability is required unless you shove the chair’s legs into the surface to remain balanced.

  • Versatility

To be versatile is to have a chair for many purposes to adapt to where you need it to be. You might want a chair for RV camping, fishing, sports events, wilderness camping or hunting. Some chairs put your rear end on the ground and that might not be too comfortable if it’s hot concrete or a wet lawn. You might want to select a chair for some distance between the ground and your rear. You’ll want to consider the chair’s padding or you might as well just sit on a rock.

  • Lightweight and Compact

The weight of the chair, how awkward it is to take with you are important things to consider if it won’t fit into your back pack or allowed entry into your sporting event.

  • Easy to Set Up

Most all camp and backpacking chairs set up in a few minutes. No one wants to hassle with a chair that takes forever to set up. The lightweight camping chairs reviewed here will have you sitting down in it in a few seconds.

Top 10 Best Camping Chair Reviews

Be sure the chair you select has plenty of room at the back so that you don’t hang off the front or have little space for your bottom. Check out customer reviews to see what they say about this potential problem. Some camping chairs have reclining backs to lounge more comfortably or get a sun tan. Be sure that type chair is constructed of heavy materials so it won’t tip over. We hope you enjoy the camping chair reviews below.

1. Coleman® Oversized Quad Chair with Cooler

best camping chair
Editor's Rating

The Coleman® oversized quad chair with cooler, item model number 2000020267, is a best-selling camp chair on® for its many features and good looks. It is great for camping and hiking supporting a 325-pound person with its heavy-duty steel frame and any body height. The back and seat are cushioned for comfort and relaxation at your barbeque or camp site. This is a fantastic chair for under 25 bucks.

Its polyester fabric comes in black, blue, gray/black, and red. The prices vary a bit by color and I cannot tell you why that is. The built-in arm adjustable armrest-height cooler will hold up to 4 cans, thus the name quad chair. Along with those, you will have another mesh cup holder for drink number 5 if you can consume them all. The cup holder diameter is 3.25-inches. The armrests connect to the frame and do not slip up and down and the cooler is not removable, but it does zipper shut. It’s pretty cool!

Coleman Oversized Quad ChairFor your magazines, cell phone, baby diapers, or whatever, you will like having the 2 storage pockets, one on each side. The chair comes with a carrying bag for storing or taking with you camping or hiking. Some people find the chair hard to get back into the string-tied bag while others don’t have a problem at all. To fit into most car trunks, the chair is compact and will fold for you. There is no carrying handle on the chair itself. The chair inside the bag weighs 8-pounds.

The seat of the chair is 17.50-inches from the ground. The seat is 24-inches wide. The backrest is 21-inches wide. The height of the chair is 38-inches, width from arm-to-arm is 36-inches, depth 20-inches, seating diameter is 25.5 inches not counting the rivets. The pouch dimensions are 13-inches wide x 9.5-inches tall with 2 segmented extra pouches in front.

The feet are rubberized with nobs on the bottom to hold it steady wherever it and you sit.

You will receive the chair, carrying bag, a User’s Manual with instructions and a 1-year Limited Warranty. The chair is made in China.

Be sure to watch the video loaded with information for this best folding chair with instructions to put it into the bag.

Coleman® Camping Oversized Quad Chair with Drink Cooler Review video.

2. ALPS Mountaineering® Rendezvous Folding Camp Chair

ALPS Mountaineering camping chair
Editor's Rating

ALPS Mountaineering camping chairThe ALPS folding camp chair, item model number 8013905, is a top seller on® for its durability, stability, and comfort. The steel frame is powder coated for protection and is one of the best folding camp chairs with arms on the sides. Enjoy your day at the beach or evening by the light of the campfire and stars in a super comfortable chair. The Rendezvous chair is available in two earthy colors of rust and khaki for the great outdoors or home use too. The fabric is 600D (denier) polyester for strength and long life.

The chair comes with a shoulder carrying bag for quick and easy storage or to stuff in the bag to take back home with you when camping or hiking. Its measurements are 8-inches wide x 28-inches tall. The height of the chair with no one sitting in it is 4-inches.


  • Weight Capacity: 300-pounds
  • Dimensions: 20-inches wide x 14-inches deep x 24-inches high
  • Chair Weight: 6-pounds 13-ounces
  • Seat Height: Front 9-inches; Back 6-inches
  • Seat Width: 20-inches
  • Seat Depth: 14-inches
  • Frame – Seat Width: 22-inches
  • Frame – Seat Depth: 19.5-inches
  • Back Height: 24-inches
  • Total Width Back/Arms: 22-inches
  • Two Side Bars: 20.5-inches apart

The chair sits well in firm sand and is wonderful at the pool!

You will receive the chair, carrying bag, a User’s Manual with instructions and a 1-year Limited Warranty. The chair is made in China.

ALPS Mountaineering chair

ALPS Mountaineering® Rendezvous Chair video.

3. Kelty® Low Loveseat Camping Chair

Kelty camping chair
Editor's Rating

The Kelty® low loveseat chair location is in the best spot in the USA; Boulder, Colorado, my former days of concerts and the Hill. The model number 61510716TUN on® is a best-selling love seat for the two of you or a bunch of kids. This relaxing camping chair makes it easy to kick back, watch the bonfire, and enjoy a few drinks listening to someone playing guitar.

Kelty camping chairThe loveseat comes in two enchanting desert colors of tundra/chili pepper and smoke/paradise blue. Get some of each for your camping out, concerts, the backyard deck, and for the kids and teens when their friends come over.

This love seat is adjustable for many different positions and makes it the king of the hill among the lightweight double chairs. The frame is steel, feet are rubberized for staying put, and the padded covering is quilted of 600D (denier) polyester fabric. You’ll appreciate the 2 insulated beverage holders for your cold or hot drinks. This portable folding chair is ideal to take to festivals, outdoor concerts, the beach, fishing, and the mountains. Snuggle up with the one you love next to a lively jumping fire, adjust the arms, and slightly recline to see the stars. Take your camping tent along for a blissful perfect night.

Check out the rolling tote carrying bag that makes the chair easier to pack up and can also be used to tote wood to the fire or put gear into. In the winter time, put it on your sun porch and watch the snow.

The dimensions are 44-inches wide x 23.5-inches deep x 31.5-inches high. Packed up and ready to go or store away it is 34.5-inches long x 11-inches wide x 11-inches high.

The seat height is 13.5-inches empty and it weighs 15.4-pounds to hold 500-pounds total weight and any height.

Gift-wrapping is available for this chair if you want to send one to your buddies. You will receive the chair, carrying bag, a User’s Manual with instructions and a Limited Warranty. The chair is made in China.

Kelty Loveseat

A Built to Wander Weekend in Telluride, Colorado, a place to see by all readers at our site!

4. Kijaro® Dual Lock® Camping Chair

Kijaro camping chair
Editor's Rating

The Kijaro® Dual Lock® signature chair model number 80068 is a top seller on®. Enjoy the bold colors from around the world that makes this brand a best seller. The chairs will stand out at your tailgate party or a bluegrass concert. It has two locks when folded to be easily movable without a carrying bag then locks into position when opened to sit on. You can carry the chair with the built-in carrying strap on the steel frame, or use the carrying bag for storage and protection from the elements.

Kijaro Camping Chair

The seats will never sag, you’ll have 2 cup holders that hold 12-ounce cans, mesh pockets to organize your small incidentals and it zips closed. With the back made of mesh, you’ll never get sticky or sweaty wherever you sit. The fabric cushion is 600 x 300 diamond ripstop polyester. Take your soft cooler with sandwiches, snacks, and drinks and be off to the races. The chair colors are so vivid that I want one of each!

Kijaro Dual Lock Camping Chair


  • Weight Capacity: 300-pounds
  • Chair Weight: 9.5-pounds
  • Chair Dimensions: 26-inches long x 35.5-inches wide x 37-inches high
  • Seat Dimensions: 22-inches wide x 16-inches deep
  • Dimensions in Bag: 45.5-inches tall x 8-inches in diameter at widest point
  • Chair Front: 20-inches off the ground
  • Chair Back: 17-inches off the ground
  • Chair Feet: Hard Plastic; do not sink in sand or dirt

You will receive the chair, carrying bag, a User’s Manual with instructions and a Limited Warranty. The chair is made in China.

5. KingCamp™ Sofa Moon Saucer Camping Chair

KingCamp camping chair
Editor's Rating

The Beijing KingCamp & Outdoor Products Co., Ltd. moon chair will put you over the moon with its unmatched comfort. Amazon’s ASIN B00Q3X38W0 blue and ASIN B01MSYXKC2 chartreuse green sells well at their website with helpful reviews. The blue or black chairs do not come with a cup holder. The chartreuse and red chairs do come with cup holders, so select which you want for your needs by chair color.

Feel secure and safe with the steel tube frame and cross members. The chair folds, the 100% polyester material is padded all the way around for great comfort. And it comes with a carrying bag with shoulder strap for lightweight carrying and storing it away if you will ever want to put it away. Use it camping, tailgating, RVing, hiking, and wherever you need to sit comfortably. Send a few to the dorm for your kids in college.

KingCamp Camping Chair

A convenient large pocket is on the back of the chair to hold your cell phone, magazines, baby diapers, keys, camera, or other items when using the chair inside or outside. You need not worry about how to fold the chair; just use the handles at the seat’s back folding in the middle left to right; no tools are needed. When folded it fits a typical car trunk easily. Do not let the chair stay out in rain; the metal will rust.


  • Weight Capacity: 300-pounds
  • Overall Size: 32.7- x 29.9- x 17.3-inches
  • Chair Weight: 13.7-pounds
  • Folded Size: 41.7- x 13- x 9.8-inches

KingCamp camping chair

Gift-wrapping is available for friends, family, school kids and everyone on your list. You will receive the chair, carrying bag, a User’s Manual with instructions and a Limited Warranty. The chair is made in China.

KingCamp Moon Leisure Camping Chair with Carry Bag video.

6. Trekology YIZI GO Portable Camping Chair

Trekology camping chair
Editor's Rating

The Trekology camping chair, ASIN B01CNCBVMS is a best-selling portable, compact, and folding chair with a carrying bag on®. You can adjust the 3 heights with this chair when you camp, hike, go to the beach, RVing, fishing, or anything you do outdoors and indoors. Made of aviation-grade 7075 aluminum alloy, you can take it in your carry-on plane luggage without a problem.

Trekology camping chairThe colors are bright and gorgeous! Yellow will be available again January 2018; a few months out. Kids and adults sit well is this chair and the you’ll love the 600D (denier) polyester side mesh that breathes so that no one gets sicky and sweaty. With its lower lumbar back support, even those with back pain will be comfortable. Attach to your backpack when hiking, bicycle, and motorcycle because it is lightweight.

With the attachable storage bag, the chair fits into it without a problem. You can store it on your chair for safekeeping when sitting using its Velcro® straps wrapped around the chair’s frame. It’s also handy there to store small things.

Trekology camping chair

Specifications:Trekology adjustable

  • Weight Capacity: 300-pounds
  • Chair Weight: 2-pounds
  • Storage Bag: 11- x 4.3- x 6-inches
  • Height from Ground, Adjustable: 25-, 26-, or 27-inches
  • Height from Ground to Seat: 13-, 14-, or 15-inches
  • Cup Holder: None
  • Pocket for Storage: None

Trekology camping chairGift-wrapping is available for friends, family, school kids and everyone on your list. You will receive the chair, carrying bag, a User’s Manual with instructions and a Limited Warranty. The chair is made in China.

Setup Guide – Trekology Portable Camping Chair with Adjustable Height video.

7. ALPRANG Lightweight Portable Camping Chair

ALPRANG camping chair
Editor's Rating

ALPRANG camping chairThe ALPRANG lightweight best portable chair is perfect for camping, hiking, or just leisurely sitting around the fire pit or at a concert. The chair is available in red or coffee brown on® ASIN B071Y3QXYT. The coffee color will harmonize with the beach and the red will contrast with the green forest. It’s a best-selling chair since it’s not heavy and easy to carry in its carrying bag. It is small enough to fit into your backpack when out hiking.

The ALPRANG is ideal in size for taking with you to the beach, music festival, or on your deck or patio. It’s made of aircraft aluminum alloy 7075 for the frame and is covered with 600D (denier) Oxford mesh that breathes so you will never be hot and sticky when out in the sun. The adjoining fabric is polyester.

It will unpack easily and you will be able to pack it up in the carrying bag with shoulder strap that stores it well when not in use. The hinges with elasticized poles make it easy for anyone to put it together—even the kids—a great spatial assignment for anyone.

The cloth seat slides off the frame and since the carrying bag is made of the same material, both can be tossed into the washing machine or scrubbed down outdoors and air dried. It can also be put in the dryer because Oxford cloth is extremely durable. If you don’t want to do it that way it can be soaked, scrubbed, or hosed down. Detergent is fine to use on the fabric.

Specifications:ALPRANG camping chair

  • Weight Capacity: 330-pounds
  • Front Height: 15.7-inches
  • Back Height: 27.55-inches
  • Length: 21.65-inches unfolded
  • Width: 14.65-inches unfolded
  • Chair Weight: 2.43-pounds
  • Folded in Bag dimensions on right; about the size of a water bottle
  • Frame: 15.24-inches from ground
  • Cup Holders: None

Gift-wrapping is available for friends, family, school kids and everyone on your list. You will receive the chair, carrying bag, a User’s Manual with instructions and a Limited Warranty. The chair is made in China.

ALPRANG camping chair

8. Sportneer Portable Lightweight Camping Chair

Sportneer camping chair
Editor's Rating

The Sportneer is small, lightweight, and easy to carry along with you when fishing, boating, camping, hiking, and for all the explorations you do with family, kids, and friends. The ASIN B01ID8UHRQ on Amazon sells well and is affordable; the striking color is black with orange trim.

The chair is light, and folds made of 7075 aircraft aluminum alloy tubes to support you comfortably. The covering is nylon mesh for body coolness with the fabric portion of 600D (denier) ripstop Oxford cloth.

The chair is easy to set up, take down and fold to put into its zippered carrying bag. It is water resistant and is ideal for outdoor activities and indoor goings-on too. The carry bag does not have a shoulder strap but does have straps on both ends that can be attached to a backpack.

Specifications:Sportneer camping chair

  • Weight Capacity: 350-pounds
  • Chair Weight: 2.0-pounds
  • Seat Height: 13.8-inches
  • Back Height: 26-inches
  • Unfolded Size: 22- x 17- x 15-inches
  • Folded in Bag: 14.25-inches x 5.25-inches
  • Storage Pouch: 23-inches tall x 3-inches wide
  • Cup Holders: None
  • Pockets for Storage: None

Gift-wrapping is available for friends, family, school kids and everyone on your list. You will receive the chair, carrying bag, a User’s Manual with instructions and a 1-year Warranty. The chair is made in China.

Sportneer Portable Lightweight Folding Camping Chair video.

9. Moon Lence Ultralight Portable Camping Chair with Headrest

Moon Lence camping chair
Editor's Rating

The Moon Lence is a stylish camping chair with a headrest and small pillow within it. The model number SP6016US02-LL is a best-selling® chair for outstanding comfort and portability. Being ergonomically designed, it will contour to your body’s shape. It comes in a multitude of colors and some colors do not have a headrest if you prefer that.

The seat portion is made of 1000D (denier) Oxford cloth and breathable mesh with its strong aluminum alloy tube frame and rubberized feet for stability. Fold it up when you leave your camp site, fishing trip, or your time well spent on the beach. The zippered carry bag is easy to put the chair back into for your next journey.

Use the chair anywhere anytime and during the winter too on your 4-seasons porch. It tags along well on your backpack when you go hiking.Moon Lence camping chair


  • Weight Capacity: 242-pounds
  • Chair Weight: 3-pounds
  • Seat Height: 15-inches
  • Unfolded Size: 22- x 24- x 26-inches
  • Height from Ground: 10-inches
  • Cup Holders: None
  • Pockets for Storage: None

Gift-wrapping is available for friends, family, school kids and everyone on your list. You will receive the chair, carrying bag, a User’s Manual with instructions and a Lifetime Warranty against defects with a 30-day money-back guarantee for any reason. The chair is made in China.

Moon Lence Camping Chair Review video.

10. Tillak Sitka Ultralight Portable Folding Camping Chair

Tillak camping chair
Editor's Rating

The Tillak ASIN B06XPNNW5F on® is robust, reliable, and is of high-end design and manufacturing—a truly heavy-duty camping chair. The chair does not have arms, it does fold, and the 2 fabric layers are 420D (denier) ripstop nylon. The chair legs are tough and well made with 7075 aircraft aluminum alloys with rubberized connection junctions and feet for steadiness and no slipping into sand. Elastic cord connects the Sitka’s leg and frame poles, similar to a tent pole. Just shake or slide the poles into the black plastic joints and you’re ready to sit and be comfy. The color is granite gray.

Collapse the chair and put it in its own carrying bag with shoulder strap to be comfortable taking it from place to place and for storage as well. Wash the seat in the washing machine on cold and air dry; nylon materials do not like high temperatures so be sure not to wash it with hot water, or even worse; don’t dry it in the dryer.

Specifications:Tillak camping chair

  • Weight Capacity: 300-pounds
  • Chair Weight: 1.75-pounds
  • Chair Front: 13.5-inches from ground
  • Unfolded Size: 25.5-inches high x 21.5-inches wide x 22-inches deep
  • Cup Holders: None
  • Pockets for Storage: None

The cool and environmentally wonderful thing that Tillak does is giving back 25% of their profits to our environment.

Gift-wrapping is available for friends, family, school kids, wilderness visitors, and everyone on your list. You will receive the chair, carrying bag, a User’s Manual with instructions and a Lifetime Warranty against defects with a 30-day money-back guarantee for any reason. The chair is made in China.

Tillak Camping Chair

Tillak Sitka Camp Chair video.


  • When you are out in nature, be sure what you take in you take out with you to protect our environment from more trash.
  • All the chairs shown here are washable. Be sure to read your instructions for the best way.
  • The end caps on the bottom of legs are replaceable available anywhere.
  • To clean the chairs simply put a mild detergent in warm water using a soft brush to gently scrub. Rinse with cool water or use the garden hose.
  • Some chairs have removable covering that can go into the clothes washer; be sure to read your instructions and check to see if the fabric slides off the metal tubes.Outdoor folding chairs

Final Thoughts

When you go on your fishing trip, concert, sports event, backpacking, car camping and tailgating, or just want to hang out in the back yard with your family and friends, these outdoor folding chairs will give you supreme comfort and stability. With all the right camping gear, you can leave home for a weekend to camp out with your friends, family, and kids. Have fun!


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