Polar Bear Coolers Soft Cooler 24-Pack

Polar Bear Coolers
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The soft coolers made by Polar Bear Coolers come in an array of colors of black, burnt orange, green, mossy oak breakup, mossy oak duckblind, navy, red, and solar bear, and you can have the cooler engraved to your specifications with a monogram or logo! How cool is that? The cooler can also be purchased in 12-pack and a backpack configuration.

Obviously, the 24-pack holds 24 cans and the 12-pack holds 12 cans and either bag with cans hold 1 bag of ice. The 24-pack cooler is nylon soft ideal for day trips and family picnics or parties. Fully loaded the 24-pack cooler weighs about 30 pounds. It is easy to carry comfortably and the instructions will show you different ways to pack your food. Ice will stay frozen up to 24 hours in 100-degree heat.

This cooler is the most sought after in the Polar Bear collection. Made of lightweight 1000-Denier Nylon for the outer shell, YKK No. 10 zippers, high-density foam, and sewing design (patent pending). The cooler is sweat proof and leak proof and is polyvinyl chloride (PVC)-free. The liner is FDA food grade.polar-bear

It comes with 4 tie downs of 2 on each side, a side zippered pocket, and hardware for the shoulder strap adjusting. The shoulder strap can be removed and adjusts from 36- to 66-inches long. It also has 2 short handles that fasten together with Velcro®. The bottom saddle is made of heavy-duty nylon material.

Be sure to pack your cooler with cold items already cold. Use as much ice as you can. Air inside the cooler will melt the ice quicker. Use a three to 1 (3:1) ratio of ice to product. Always use the side buckles when the cooler is closed. It creates a seal in the insulation for products to stay colder longer. Keeping the ice in a bag all together on top of the items in the cooler is helpful. Loose ice melts quickly and cold air descends. The Polar Bear cooler will get cold and maintain its coldness. Try not to open and close it frequently to keep it colder longer. The warm air gets in and melts things down. Similar to leaving your home freezer door open—the unit starts running immediately to cool it down. Cold packs are more efficient than ice. Keep sharp, pointed, and blunt objects out of your cooler. Do not use dry ice; it will ruin your cooler unless you keep it in its packaging. This cooler will keep hot foods hot.

The dimensions are 10-inches wide x 18-inches long x 12-inches high and it weighs less than 5 pounds empty. When it’s zippered and closed the inside dimensions are 8-inches wide x 16-inches long x 10-inches high at the fold line. Do not wash the cooler in a machine. Wipe it down inside and out with mild detergent and water. Rinse a few times, and hang up to dry. Do not put it in a clothes dryer or it will be destroyed.

The 12-pack will fit under the seat in an airplane. The 24-pack will fit in the overhead bin, but not under the seat if full. There is no drain plug; unzip and drain the water out of the top and allow it to air-dry.

You will receive your Polar Bear Cooler Soft Cooler, a User’s Manual, and a 1-year Warranty against defects. The cooler is made in China.

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