Koolatron™ Electric Cooler P-20 Thermoelectric Digital Precision Control Cooler

Koolatron Electric Cooler designed and created coolers over 30 years ago. The ice chest or heat unit is a better solution for having it both ways: cold or hot. This great invention surpasses some of the best ice chests when camping or going to places or events with a vehicle that has a cigarette lighter to plug in the cord. The unit is a wonderful alternative to using and cleaning coolers. The high-tech cooler is ideal for using when traveling, in a college dorm, in a man cave, or anywhere else as a small refrigerator. Take it with you on your boating and fishing adventure. The cooler heater combination uses less power in your vehicle than a parking light plugging the cord into the 12-Volt power outlet.

koolatron electric cooler
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The maximum thermoelectric cooling temperate is about 45- to 50-degrees F., below the surrounding temperature using the Koolatron TC-2 Control Board and you can depend on it. The included A/C adapter converts the 110-Volts to 220-Volts. The brushless electric motor controls the interior convection fan. This keeps the air constantly streaming through all of the parts in this efficient cooler. Cool or warm your food and drinks the convenient way with this superb cooler/heater.

It fits into close-fitting tight spaces behind and in between seats. It will hold 23 each 12-ounce cans. It will keep cold things cooler by 40-degrees than the ambient temperature. How cool is that? The chest has a folding handle to easily carry and a lid without a latch to open quickly with only one hand. The cord can be wrapped around a bracket to store it away safely and not trip over.

The dimensions are 16-inches exterior height, 8.5-inches exterior width, and 17.5-inches exterior depth. The interior height is 13-inches, 6-inches wide, and 12-inches deep. The cooler weighs 9 pounds with a shipping weight of 10 pounds.

You will receive the precision control cooler and the A/C adapter. Instructions are included and can be accessed in pdf format. A 30-day Warranty is included.

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