How to Clean a Smelly Soft Cooler

Clean a Smelly Soft Cooler

Removing bad smells from a soft cooler bag is not difficult, so don’t throw it away. These handy coolers hold things from kids’ lunches to camping out and they will fit into spaces that hard coolers will not go.

Read the tips and methods below for ridding your soft cooler from nasty odors to use over again for many years.

Clean Your Soft Cleaner Bag from Top to Bottom

You’ll never remove a funky smell when the cooler is not totally clean. A method that’s worked for me is first I clean it out, then make a bucket of dish detergent in hot water that my hands can tolerate and wash it on the inside. Then I rinse it with cool water several times. Mine is lined, so I towel dry it with a cotton cloth, not paper towels that get caught in corners.

Let it stay open to dry and smell it the next day. Still have gross odors?

Newspapers Clean Soft Coolers

Newspapers Clean Soft CoolersThere’s something about newspapers that do magic. I don’t know if the paper absorbs the smell or if the black ink has something to do with it.

Scrunch up some newspaper sheets and put inside the cooler. Close the soft cooler and let it sit for a day or two. The bad cooler odors might be gone when you remove the newspapers.

Cantaloupe, cucumber, fish, and onion aromas are hard to remove. Try the following method.

Clear Distilled Vinegar Cleans Soft Coolers

Clear distilled vinegarI’ve never understood why makers of distilled vinegar call it ‘white’ when it’s not white—it is clear—clear like water! We don’t call water white!

Anyway, aside from my view on words, get yourself a small container and pour clear distilled vinegar into it and let it sit closed some place the vinegar smell won’t get to you. Any brand of vinegar will do, but don’t use apple cider vinegar—the golden stuff.

Let it sit a day or so. When you remove the bowl of vinegar, the smell should be been absorbed by the vinegar and the vinegar smell dissipates over a short time.

If that didn’t work, try the method below.

Ground Coffee to Remove Odors from Soft Cooler Bags

Ground Coffee to Remove OdorsIf you like coffee, you won’t find its aroma annoying if it lingers for a time after your cooler is clean.

My favorite coffee is Gevalia and it has a wonderful fragrance.

Put a container with pungent and fragrant to me ground coffee inside your cooler, zip it shut, and let it sit for a day or so. The odors should be gone.

If your cooler is not odor-free after any of these methods, try letting it sit in the sun for a couple of days. Or, rub it inside with a fresh lemon then rinse. If none of these methods worked, it’s time to let it go and get a new soft cooler.

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