Black & Decker® Travel Cooler and Warmer

Black & Decker® has been making power tools, outdoor yard care equipment, and accessories since 1910, to include coolers. The Black & Decker® model TC204B is a thermoelectric system that will cool to 40-degrees F. below the surrounding air temperature and will heat to 120-degrees F. It plugs into a cigarette lighter port or any 12-volt power source. The low voltage auto cut-off prevents coolers from draining your vehicle’s battery. It does not come with a 110/120-Volt outlet cord.

Black & Decker Travel Cooler
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No ice is used and a quiet fan moves the air around for heat or cooling as you set it. The durable, weather-resistant construction has an easy-open-and-close lid. The inside and outside can be wiped down with a little dish detergent in warm water. Rinse and towel dry or let it air dry. Keep the inside open when storing to prevent any mold growth.

This unit will conveniently sit on the passenger seat, between seats, on the tailgate, hatch, or floorboard when traveling or on an outing. This cooler/warmer is handy and convenient for over-the-road truckers, farmers on their tractors, and out on country roads when no convenience stores are close by. The single cup holder will accommodate a 12-ounce can, cup, or a bottled water container. The unit inside will hold 8 each 12-ounce cans and has a 1.5-gallons USA/5.7 liter capacity and will hold other items. The cooler is environmentally friendly, CFC–free(chlorofluorocarbon), with its polyurethane liner. This thermoelectric carrier has a detachable wide strap to put across your shoulder and carry.

The dimensions are 15.7-inches widex 7.5-inches deep x 10.2-inches tall and weighs 6.2 pounds.

The 7-foot cord plugs into your 12-Volt D/C source with a built-in 5 Amp(approximately 26-Watts) fuse-protected plug to protect the unit and power source.

The controls/functions are the built-in heat dissipation fan using a brushless motor, the top is padded, and it has a hot/off/cold power switch, with hot/cold LED indicator lights.

The cooler does not fold. It takes about 3 hours for items to get cold in this best electric cooler.

Included are the User’s Manual, and a pdf online download stated in your manual. A 3-year Limited Warranty.

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