Best Right Way to Store Sleeping Bags

Store Sleeping Bags

Clean sleeping bagYour sleeping bag will last for many years when cleaned and stored properly. For your overnight camping out ventures, whether in the woods, by your favorite fishing hole, or in the backyard for your kids, a clean sleeping bag is like crawling under freshly washed sheets.

Many hunters take their best sleeping bags on snowy days spending the nights doing their favorite sport of wild game hunting. They too need clean fluffy sleeping bags for staying warm and snug on those cold nights in their camping tent.

Hikers stay out for days doing their favorite mountain trekking needing a clean sleeping bag for the nights out under the stars.

Clean sleeping bag

Use the tips listed here for keeping your sleeping gear pristine whether the insulation is synthetic or goose down.

Compression Stuff Sack

Compression sackThis is a waterproofing must-have for keeping your sleeping bag dry when you’re kayaking, rafting, boating, hiking, and camping.

Roll-top dry compression sacks with shoulder straps are available from 10-liter up to 55-liter in many colors on

Do not store your sleeping bag in the compression sack!—it’s for taking it with you. Your sleeping bag must breathe and spread out; to expand.

When arriving at your campsite, take the bag out of the stuff sack so that it can relax allowing the loft of the insulation inside to be ready and soft when it’s bedtime later that night.

Storage Bag for Sleeping Bag

Storage BagThis is a different item than the stuff sack. A sleeping bag storage sack will not compress, distort, bend, warp, or twist your beloved sleeping bag with its insulating material.

This type bag is a loose weave for ventilation and can be machine washed without any problems. You can also use a mesh bag for storage.

Storing Your Sleeping Bag

When I get home, I hang my bag over the shower railing and sometimes on the floor where it won’t get walked on. You can also hang it outside over a clothes line if you still have one.

You want to air it out for 24-hours to remove any moisture or debris stuck on or in it. Be sure to open it and lay it flat so that no mold or mildew will grow.

Storing Sleeping BagIf your sleeping bag is dirty from sweat, a wet or dirty body, then you might want to clean it following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Never put a bag in a top loading clothes washer where the agitator will tear it apart damaging zippers. If you must use a washer, take it to a laundromat using their front-loading washing machines.

You cannot put a sleeping bag in a home dryer—it’s too small. Use the large laundromat dryer and add some tennis balls to help it fluff up (loft). Use a low heat setting as well.

For down insulation, use a down wash cleaner for down sleeping bags and outerwear sold on

Store your bag clean to protect your investment for more camping trips and adventures.

Where to Store Your Sleeping Bag

Store in a low humidity temperature-controlled place. Damp basements are not ideal for storage and neither are places that are cool such as attics and garages in the winter and stifling hot in the summer. Car trunks are not a good option either.

A top shelf in a closet in its storage sack is a good place to keep your sleeping bag clean until your next camping trip. This place is safe for your clothes so will be safe for your sleeping bag.

How to Store a Down Sleeping Bag demo video.

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